What happens in Sweden in February?

Well, time can’t just pass by without celebrating something or remembering something, right? We could call these repetitive happenings traditions, more or less. But what kind of traditions can Sweden offer in the coldest month of the year?

For example the writer of this blog has ended her volunteership here in Växjö and soon will hit BP again to recharge her batteries before settling down more in Scandinavia.

Ok, taking it a bit more serious…there are at least three very important happenings you must be aware of. One of them is probably already familiar for you and the other two are a bit closer to my Hungarian heart. So let’s have  closer look on them!

#Sami National Day

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Go bananas-guide to Sweden’s four season

Ambling around in the nature in Sweden is one of the easiest and best things what can happen to all the living entities around. Especially, because half way up to North there isn’t much else. 😀

I’d love to use the world ‘wilderness’ instead of nature, but since the civilization is quite close here, I’ll spare it for the Fjällen – the mountains of North-Sweden at the border, where I’m actually goint to next August. Anyhow, living next to semi-wilderness is awesome enough. Continue reading

A korhatár motiváló ölelése

Vendégposztom az Erasmus+ 100 új élmény blogjáról.

Három x-szel azzal előrukkolni, hogy “leléptem egy évre EVS-ezni” első blikkre még a családom és a legközelebbi barátaim szemében is olyan volt, mint egy szépen ívelt, ám hetyke mozdulattal a hátam mögé hajítani egy már előre megváltott menetjegyet és spontánul felszállni egy random vonatra az ismeretlen felé. Nem időszerű, mert karrier-kapcsolat- család-satöbbi, pedig ennek kb. az ellenkezőjéről van szó. Hogy miért?


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Now it has been 8 months since I’ve joined Globala Kronoberg…

to experience something completely different from my previous life. By now, more than the half of my EVS has already gone. More than thousands of inspiring thoughts and emotions I’ve already had due to this choice.

Here I’ll tell you about those impressions what made impacts on me. Those, what gave me buzz and goosebumps and those, what kicked me out of my comfort zone and challenged me. And all these together may can help you to create an image about current-me. Continue reading

Preikestolen – Climbing Norway’s most famous rock

Is the same like waking up on an unexpected ferry, hitchake-chasing my lost backpack and hiking in mysterious fog.

This July I had the opportunity to visit Norway, more than once, just to make sure I was there and to gather enough reason to return one day. Continue reading

Follow your dreams!

Once I had a dream. (Ok, to be honest I have several others just because I’m freakin’ curious and cannot sit long on my butt…)

Not exactly a concrete one what I could call THE DREAM, more like a blury desire about exploring THE North. Until I discovered the existence of some hidden and (for me) unknown islands in the Atlantic Ocean. And from that moment I was lost, I was living in the spell of Faroe Islands.  And you know what?

I turned it into an epic adventure!

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“Kappanhágó”, the capital of Denmark

The city of eye contacts

Once upon a time, during the  18th century some truly funny Hungarian linguists came up with the idea about reforming the Hungarian language. They created amazing and even more hilarious words, some of them has been settled down in the vocabulary and some of them we just remember as jokes – thanks God. Like this one: Kappanhágó which literaly means ‘capon ghaut‘. Wtf?! 😀  I also won’t hide that the world ‘ghaut’ transformed to a verb in Hungarian is very close connetected to sexuality, in a vulgar way. So obviously noone says ‘Kappanhágó‘ in Hungary, it’s not widespread either, but funny to know. 🙂 Continue reading

Let’s celebrate Karl Oskars dagarna!

Ok, this Karl Oskar must be a swedish guy… but who the f****? And what is ‘dagarna’?

Let’s start from the end. 😛 ‘Dagarna’ means ‘the days’ in Swedish. So there are some days at the beginning of August which are dedicated to this guy called Karl Oskar. There is no need to search for a biography about him because he’s a fictional character from a book series written by Vilhelm Moberg. Continue reading